Global Resort Options, LLC is a for sale or rent by owner marketing and advertising company. Global Resort Options, LLC uses numerous marketing techniques to bring buyers, renters and sellers together, and offers a service to timeshare owners who wish to rent out or sell their timeshare properties. The Global Resort Options Marketing and Advertising package rate is $4,995.00 (USD) Per Property.

Advertising and Marketing fees are due upon activation of services by Global Resort Options, LLC Owners have a right to a refund of the advertising fee if they provide written notice to Global Resort Options, LLC Via Mail to 1500 Park Center Drive, Ste. 210, Orlando, FL 32835 or Via Email to Written notice must be sent within ten (10) business days upon receipt of confirmation from Global Resort Options, LLC. Confirmation will be sent to customer after payment is submitted and signed contract is received. Property will be listed within 72 hours of voice recorded payment authorization and verification. Initial term of advertising is ninety (90) days. Global Resort Options, LLC will continue advertising the property at no additional cost until the property is sold or rented upon written or verbal notification. Owner’s notification regarding any requested extension must be received by Global Resort Options, LLC prior to the end of the ninety (90) day period and prior to the expiration of each ninety (90) day period thereafter.

Global Resort Options, LLC does not provide or engage in real estate broker services. Because Global Resort Options, LLC does not provide real estate services, Global Resort Options, LLC has itself sold zero (0) timeshare Properties. Additionally, Global Resort Options, LLC clients have offline sales or rentals generated by offers directly to the owner, Global Resort Options, LLC is unaware of the exact percentage of offers to sales or rentals. Global Resort Options, LLC has no knowledge regarding the average success rate of listings to sales or rentals because Global Resort Options, LLC is not involved in any negotiations relative to the rental, closing or procurement of buyers of timeshare interests. There is no guarantee that any particular timeshare interest can be sold or rented at any particular price or within any particular time. Any offers submitted by prospective buyers utilizing Global Resort Options, LLC ’s advertising will be promptly forwarded to the timeshare owner. Upon receipt of an offer, the timeshare owner can choose to handle the transaction on his/her own or retain an independent broker/closing company. If an owner chooses to retain a broker/closing agent, there may be fees associated with the rental/sale that Global Resort Options has no control over.

Global Resort Options, LLC is NOT affiliated with any timeshare resort, RCI, Interval International, or any other outside entities. Global Resort Options, LLC is an independent for sale or rent by owner marketing company.

Global Resort Options, LLC is not licensed to provide real estate services within the State of California (or within the United States).


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